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Who We Are:

Ottawa County is located in southwestern Michigan, along the shores of Lake Michigan, just to the west of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s second largest city. Ottawa County includes cities, townships, and villages such as Holland, Grand Haven, Zeeland, Spring Lake, Ferrysburg, Allendale, Hudsonville, etc. Ottawa County has a population of approximately ¼ million people, and is named after the Ottawa Nation. It covers roughly 1,600 sq. miles.

The Ottawa County Patriots (OCP) is a not-for-profit educational corporation (a so-called 501 C4 organization) promoting civic engagement centered on an awareness of the founding principles of our nation. We hold frequent meetings intended (1) to enhance the awareness of our members and the general public regarding current events and the history of our nation; (2) to identify opportunities and venues for our members and the general public to constructively engage in civic affairs at the local, state, and national levels. Membership is open to anyone who subscribes to our Vision and Mission.

Mission Statement:

To promote awareness and understanding of the American government, the free enterprise system, traditional American values and related political or civic issues through education, special events and encouragement of citizen involvement.

Additional information:

The OCP maintains this website as an information portal for its members and the general public.
The OCP has a presence on FACEBOOK.
The OCP regularly holds or sponsors public meetings and forums. The schedule is on our calendar page.
The OCP is not a political party, nor is it affiliated with any political party. We do not endorse any candidates for political or elected office. Many of our members are active in various political parties and movements, something that the OCP actively encourages. The OCP encourages you to do likewise.

OCP Officers: